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Galaxy Enchained Rose Game Review  

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Galaxy Enchanted Rose is the follow up to the hit hidden object game called Lily's Lemonade Tycoon. This time around, the story is set in a modern day and you play as the young daughter of a rich family. Your task is to help your mother run her business while using the many tools and gadgets she has to make things go more smoothly. The scenes are beautifully drawn with cool computer animation and a great deal of thought has gone into the design of the game itself.


Although the storyline is very different, the concept is still the same. Using a combination of hidden object scenes and object-hunting, you will have to find all the objects inside the huge surrounding and piece them together in order to reach the final destination. The whole game will take place inside your own home, but the only item you will need to start with is a notebook which will act as your guide throughout the adventure. It will also keep track of the items you find as well as listing the locations of all the objects.


Some people might think that a game this old must be uninteresting, but rest assured it's not. Galaxy Enchained Rose is filled with so much life and fun. The puzzles tend to be on the harder side but there are still plenty of options to make them more challenging. The biggest thing that makes the game different is the music - it's a fantastic mix of hip hop and metal that gets you pumped up and ready for action. The graphics are not spectacular, but they don't really matter because the quality of the rest of the game just means fun all the same.

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